S-23 is an orally active nonsteroidal SARM with a very high binding affinity to androgen receptors. This makes it stronger than other popular SARMS like MK-2866 (Ostarine) or S4 (Andarine). It is quite possibly the most potent SARM there is.

S-23 is said to positively affect muscles and bones thanks to its tissue-selective anabolic effects.

The main effects of S-23:

- Increases muscle mass. S-23 has been shown to help build lean body mass, and it has reported better gain retention after finishing their cycle.

- Increases strength and stamina. S-23 gives the opportunity to optimize high-intensity workouts thanks to innate fat-burning and lean muscle building properties.

- Helps with fat loss. Additionally, it was shown to also increase bone mineral density, as well as promote muscle mass growth and fat loss. Hence, S-23 is versatile in that it can be used for bulking and for cutting.

- Shows minimal water retention. S-23 doesn’t lead to any bloating or water retention, which means that there is opportunity to maintain gains even after taking S-23.

- Develops a hard muscle aesthetic.

- Decreases in the size of the prostate.


Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per container: 30

Amount Per Serving


                   %Daily Value


S-23  10 mg


STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature in a dry and cool place, out of reach of children. Not to be consumed by children, pregnant and nursing women, people suffering from liver or kidney diseases, and with allergies to any of the supplement compounds.

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